All You Need To Know About Kimonos

short kimonoKimono is a popular fashion trend. Many are loving it. Fashion editors all over the world are talking about it. People are wearing kimonos in the way they know and feel best. If you have not tried one, what are you waiting for? Kimono is not a complicated fashion trend like others. It can be worn by anyone and in whatever style one likes. You do not need to be a fashion guru to have it on. However, the focus here is on short kimonos.

Varying lengths of kimonos

If you have been keen when visiting the store, you must have realized that kimonos vary in length. For instance, some reach below the waist. Such is great when putting on that short skirt or shorts.

Others are knee-high. They provide more cover to your body. You would look great when you combine a pair of skinny jeans and a red kimono jacket of this length.

There are also kimonos that reach your ankles, almost sweeping the floor. They look great and can go with anything whether it is shorts or a pair of trousers. They look great if you wear heels.

Types of red kimono jackets

Kimono jackets would mostly be of a length reaching below your waist. You should have a variety them. Here are the types of red kimono jackets. Each type depends on the occasion or may be what you feel like wearing.

A plain red jacket looks amazing. It gives you a bold look. This type of kimono jacket is suitable for people who do not like the flashy design; just plain or say monochromatic. Plain jackets are easier to color-block, giving you a fantastic look.

Floral red kimono jackets are another type. These are great for those casual occasions that require you to be less serious, for example, parties. Any floral dress code is great for those who love to experiment and play around with colors.

Striped red jackets add more fun to your kimono game. You can have stripes running vertically or horizontally. Just make sure that the jacket looks great on you.

The type of red kimono jacket can also depend on the fabric. For example, you can have satin, cotton or even lace jacket. It is on you. Of course, the fabric depends on the weather and occasion too.

There are several shades of red to try out. Do not stock your closet with only one strain of red. Be sure that one shade will look better than another depending on what you dress it with. Have an open mind when shopping for that matter.

What goes well with a red kimono jacket?

Today, style is more of a personal thing and less of what people think. To be a great stylist of your own self, you need to embrace the trial and error method; do not be too rigid.

Now, if you have worn other types of jackets, use the same combos for your red kimono jacket. For example, an animal print trouser would look amazing with the kimono. That short dress you love a lot will also go well with it.

There are no rules. What you need to do is wear something with the red jacket and stand in front of a mirror. If you do not like the look, do not wear it. It is that simple. Follow fashion experts and like fashion related pages online for more insights.

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